How I organize my life

I collected various lists that helped me organize my life in the past 18 years and I arranged them in three tables. If this can benifit a single person, then making this website was worth it.

How you can organize your life

If you want to function better, be more productive and goal oriented, you need a clear picture, a complete overview of your life - and the following three tables can help you towards that. By learning more about yourself and your habits you can discard things you don't need and work on things that benefit you.

How can I understand myself better

This table will help you categorize your weaknesses and your strengths, so you can have solid starting points for further personal growth.

My needs and desires

This table will help you sort your needs and desires from the most urgent to the least and plan what to do to achieve them. Keep in mind that something can be important but not so urgent or urgent but not so important. It is already filled with examples, but you should make your own list.

My tasks and activities

This table will help you organize your tasks and activities and give you a good starting point for better time management.


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